As a premier consulting firm, we work closely with clients to create the right plans and model. Our designers sit with you to discuss all your ideas. Then create realistic schedules and designs that put the right roofing system on the right substrate, with designs that minimize time loss and the invasiveness of the project to the owners ongoing business.


The team at National Roofing Initiative is well versed with coordinating plans and contractors, making sure our project managers are on top of everything. Organization, efficiency, and professionalism are three things we combine to make sure projects follow design specs and are completed correctly.


National Roofing Initiative has a proven track record in the development and management of programs to maintain roofing assets. We ahve designed the roofing management and maintenance program for the US Army Reserves, that includes all roofing stock, nationwide including Guam, Porto Rico and Hawai. We have overseen the inspection, budgeting, repair and reroofing for this entire program. We have monitored the results of this program and have proven its effectivness and its ability to save money while putting a better product in place.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, our portfolio is a fantastic novel. You are welcome to browse over some of our completed
projects, getting a sense of our commitment to detail and design, as well as pulling inspiration for your own home or project. While no two projects are ever the same, it is always good to see what is possible and what might spark an idea.


National Roofing Initiative puts a great deal of time and effort into every project. Whether designing a new roof system, or overseeing the completion of a commercial complex, our level of commitment and attention to detail remains the same. When you want the aesthetics to match the building quality, we are the firm you want behind the work.